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How to Fulfill Your Desires

Knowing what you want is a simple but at times extraordinarily complex question. Being clear about this has a huge payoff. Of course the context and the seriousness of what is being considered must be fully understood. It should not be surprising to learn that many people can speedily tell you want they don’t want, but struggle articulating what they truly do want. Perplexity, hesitancy, uncertainty and confusion seem to bewilder the imagination.

Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind

Robin Sharma, author of the “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” series, and motivator extraordinaire, recently asked the following question in an email newsletter; “What has to happen over the next 90 days for me to feel that this was the best three months of my life, or business?” It is such a profound question; I am going to repeat it: “What has to happen over the next 90 days for me to feel that this was the best three months of my life, or business?”

Habit 1: Be Proactive

In his groundbreaking book, “Life – Zig Ziglars Lifters”, Zig writes a number of stories, one of which says; “A Slow Start Is Not An Indictment”, in this he tells the stories of people who had a slow start to life, people whose names you might recognise, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, and Clint Lewis! Ok, I know you would have recognised the first two, but who might Clint Lewis be? Clint Lewis from Magna, Utah, was born with poor eyesight, and after a few years he lost it completely. Today he is the wrestling coach for a high school and his team has had many undefeated seasons, against ALL odds.

5 Elements To Remember When Setting Goals

Setting proper goals is just as important as putting in work to achieve them. Here are five elements that you need to take in consideration whenever you sit down with your pen and paper.

Develop Your Talents Instead of Focusing on Your Shortcomings

What are your development goals for this year? Mine include certification as a LAB profile trainer, finding out how to use social media for business purposes and learning how to lead a team to maintain a constructive and purposeful mindset. Assuming that you have some development goals, I’d let to ask you another question: How do you decide on those goals?

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