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Half-Way to the Top: Goal-Setting, Determination and Celebrating the Wins!

Aren’t We Always Half Way to the Top? The key to moving forward in life is clarity through effective goal-setting, persistent determination and of course enjoying and appreciating the journey and celebrating those delicious wins.

You Need a Plan to Make Money

Would you like to have more cash flow right about now? Many of the women entrepreneurs with whom I have been speaking, over the past few weeks, are feeling a quiet sense of desperation when it comes to cash flow.

Do Not Fear Goal Setting

People have a fear of setting goals for themselves. This fear is unwarranted because setting goals is part of growing. Of course there are reasons why people fear setting goals for a number of reasons.

Self Hypnosis Motivation

In short, self hypnosis is the most powerful tool you can use when used within a framework that acknowledges every part of you. Self hypnosis can put you in the driving seat of your own destiny. In this article I will lay bare the skeleton framework and explain what you need to identify for your evolution to begin. In follow up articles there will be a step by step guide to give you the building blocks for success. This may seem a monumental task but bear with me. So how do you eat an elephant? Understanding and learning to align your conscious and unconscious is your elephant. The answer is always one bite at a time.

How to Use a 7 Step Believe Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Do you have goals that you want to achieve? Sure, you do, we all do. Now do you believe that you can achieve your goals? If working toward your goals seems like a difficult task to accomplish, then these 7 strategies can help you jump-start your goal success.

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