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No Pain – No Gain – How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Do you have dreams and aspirations for a better life? Are you hoping you can get ahead without sacrificing anything, without and pain or difficulty? Get over it. Read this article and get ready to rock!

Why Goals Aren’t Achieved: People Fail Because They Don’t Think They Can Succeed

When people engage in goal setting whether or not they succeed depends upon their underlying belief. Compared to the number of people who engage in setting a direction in their life few people actually achieve their goal.

To Act On Purpose: A Conversation

“To act on purpose is to be deliberate, but also to be moving in a direction toward your purpose.” Are we truly choosing of our own accord? Is it clear where we are bound?

Four Reasons Why People Fail

Why do some people succeed and some fail? Even when they are both skilled and have the training and education to achieve, some will fail at their goals. The answer is simple and yet so many miss it.

New Year’s Resolutions and Free Choice

January is often a time for making resolutions. One way to help these goals to stick is to consider the freedom of choice discussed in the book of Genesis.

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