I’M GOING TO WIN – Jim Rohn, Les Brown (Best Discipline Motivational Speech)

Achieve Your Goals – Breaking Down Your Goals Is Vital To Success

Big, expansive and exciting goals are a brilliant way of focusing and directing your attention towards achieving your desires in life and work. One point to bear in mind is that these big goals are often hard to fully visualise and assign detail to. This can make them less compelling in the short-term and therefore the goal can begin to drift. It can sometimes drift away entirely leaving you feeling low and wondering where all your enthusiasm went. Try this sub-goal technique and you will find your big goals becoming more realistic and achievable as your momentum builds.

Asking Is Only Part of the Equation – Are You Willing to Receive?

When you set your goals and achieve them, how do you go about effectively receiving the benefits of your accomplishments? Here are some ideas for you to acknowledge your achievements with awe, humility and the mindset to help others.

Goal Setting to Help Others

Most of the time, New Year’s resolutions are made in vain. People make weight-loss goals and relationship goals, and while these are important for healthy living, they often better only the person who sets the goals, and not others.

What It Means to Be Boss Chick

More and more women are taking their seats as leaders in some capacity or another. Frankly every woman has the capacity to be a leader that is not afraid to embrace her femininity, use her strength as the weaker vessel and operate in the fragrant of virtue. Decades ago she was called a lady, a woman of virtue, a leader and now in this era of hip expression many are embracing the presence of the emerging Boss Chicks. They are women who know who they are, where they are heading, how to get there and how to rock the crown as they reign on top. Read more on the meaning of the modern day “Boss Chick”…

How to Attain Your Goals For This Year Strategically and Smartly

Well, it is New Year 2013 already but have you planned what do you want to do in this year? May be you haven’t or may be you have. So, if you haven’t as yet started streaming down your priorities then get started now. Let us understand what should be your topmost priorities.

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