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Sticking To Your Goals and Achieving Them!

Hello riding Superstars! Trust you are having a sensational October! It’s that wonderful time of the year! We are in the last quarter of the year and it’s really the time to look back on 2013 and see if you are where you should be in regards to your goals. Do you remember January 1st, 2013? Perhaps you were recovering from a wonderful night? But at some stage you may have put some thought into your riding year and the goals you would like to achieve. Are you on track? Did you supersede all previous years and make 2013 your best year yet? If not, why do you think that is? I know some of you had HUGE goals! You were committed! You were ready! You really wanted the goal! Your goal may have even been S-M-A-R-T which means it was Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic and Time-framed. You thought you did everything right! But you didn’t get your goal! And that just feels crappy. So what went wrong?

The “All or Nothing” Trap

The belief that everything is either going well OR everything is a total bust is a trap that can derail you you’re working towards your goals. Here are 7 practices that will help you get back on track.

8 Dynamite Ways to Power Past Your Competition

8 Dynamite ways to move you forward in your life, and career. Your competition will be 8 steps behind you after you implement these tips.

Fun Goal Setting Activities for Adults

If you’ve done much work on personal development, you’ll know that goal setting often crops up as one of the things you “should” do. And if you’re like most people I’ve met, that’s where it stays: on the to do list but never quite getting done. Mainly because goal setting seems a bit too much like hard work.

The Journey As a Coach

An introspection of what we do while traveling has got many lessons for a life journey. A recollection of how we get prepared for a journey gives us hints about how to plan to reach a goal. Travel is not just for leisure but it is a life’s coach. Every milestone and every passerby are our coach on the way to our chosen destination. Technology and science are enablers in any trip, be it for leisure or life.

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