Jim Rohn – Focus On You Everyday (Powerful Motivational Speech)

Writing Down Your Goals – The Power of Seeing Them on Paper

One of the best ways to make sure you accomplish all of your goals is to commit them to paper in specific, measurable detail. Writing down goals is a way to transform them from abstract thoughts to concrete goals. Writing is a proven and powerful tool that we have been equipped with and it should be utilized in achieving the ideal lives we desire. It has the ability to greatly touch other people, to positively transform our lives, to move people to take massive action, and to accomplish monumental dreams.

Achieving Your Goals Is Still Possible

Though we are already in the last quarter of year 2012 and so many resolutions and goals set at the beginning of the year are still to be achieved; but guess what? You can still achieve a lot. All you need is just a few success secrets which I’ll be sharing in this article

What Is a Bucket List?

What is a bucket list? Its a list of things you want to do before you die, or in other words, kick the bucket.

Do You Have A Life Plan?

Do you have a life plan for your life? This does not involve just a career path. When my granddaughter was born, I began thinking more how I want to live my life. I wanted her in my life. This means, my life as I now know it has to change. I cannot just willy-nilly do what I want. I have to carve out a time to be with her. This involves taking in my daughter’s plan and planning ahead. I must ask myself that difficult question. What do I want to get out of my life? This may be a difficult question for you. Take a hard minute and think about it. Do not let life drive you. You can be the driver of your own life. What is your life plan? Keep reading and find out how I had to figure out my life plan.

Perfectionism Is A Goal Killer So Get Your Work Out There

Do you try to get things perfect before you release your work to the world? If you are great at setting goals for starting projects but poor at finishing them due to perfectionism then this article could help. There are many ways a project goal gets derailed but this one causes a big problem for many people. This article looks at some of the many mental processes involved and also offers some inspiration for you to start to close things out.

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