Jim Rohn Motivation – 7 Things You Should Do Every Day To Improve Your Life

Business Results With Self-Talk

You say you’ll do something; you promise yourself to do it first chance but there is always something preventing you from achieving your goal. To achieve a life purpose takes more than words alone. It require that you use positive power words, set your goals, and decide on a course of action to fulfill your objective. Business or personal, the skills are identical. You condition your subconscious feelings and emotions to act in accord with your conscious action plan.

What’s Your Excuse? Drop It! Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life!

Could you be sabotaging yourself? Is it possible that you are the only person blocking the road to your dreams? Have you started and scrapped the same goal numerous times?

Taking One Step at a Time

As they say, few people are born leaders, which are true at some extent; however, it can also be learned. Leadership can be used not only in a professional setup but on our day to day undertakings, as well. In our early years, there are instances wherein we need to take the lead, even as a kid. In a professional setting though, the following also applies:

On Target or Just Passing Through?

Every year we sit down and set goals for ourselves. Then life gets in the way. Here are some tips for helping you gain control and accomplish those goals and reach your dreams.

The Surprising Power of Language to Affect the Outcome of Your Goals

The power of the words you use can have a huge impact on your belief in your ability to achieve your goal, your motivation level, and in turn, the outcome of your efforts! Use language the tips here to transform the outcome of your intended goals!

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