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Goals That Do Not Work? 7 Reasons Why

Any time of the year is good to work on goals. Actually, in coaching we work on goals all the time, but I know that many of us wait for the beginning of a new year to work on areas where we want to improve. In fact, I am preparing a workshop to be offered locally about goal setting, but my main point will be giving participants tools to create goals that stick.

Take Charge: Simplify Your Life

When we feel that we are in overload with commitments, obligations, shoulds and coulds it is time for the simplification overhaul. Where to start? Read this article and get specific ideas on steps you can take to simplify your life.

Every Decision Is Long-Term

We have become a society of instant gratification and lack of concern of those actions to our long-term result. We think in the terms of short-term and long-term decisions when in fact, every decision we make today short-term has an affect on our long-term goals and results.

Desire: The First Principle of Success

Desire is stubbornness. It’s refusal to change your mind, to lower your expectations, to accept anything less, or to give into pressure. Desire is knowing it’s going to happen because it’s that feeling that rushes through your body the same way it does when a roller-coaster first drops.

Don’t Give Up Before You Get to the Finish Line!

Sadly many people work hard toward their goals and dreams only to give up before they get to the finish line. It is important to stay in the race until you see results. You are a winner!

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