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The Hobgoblin of Goal Setting: Procrastination

What is the hobgoblin of goal setting? Procrastination. Procrastination is so insidious because it just sneaks up us without our knowledge.

Could You Be Setting the Wrong Goals? Focus On Happiness

The purpose of this article is to prevent you from chasing unrealistic dreams, and teach you how to divert your energy to those goals which are meaningful and purposeful to your life and happiness. Your happiness has to be the driving factor, and the deal breaker behind which goals you work towards, and which ones you toss.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

Whenever I sit down and start working on my goals for the next year, I follow the exact same process. Before I even think about what I want to accomplish, I ask myself 5 questions that I’d like you to ask yourself too: 1. What is your theme for the year? Do you want more order, creativity, security, peace, stability, etc. in your life? I like to start with a one-word theme and build my goals around that word. E.g. One year my word was simplify; the next year it was consolidate. See?

Effective Goal Setting – Achieving Success and Realizing Your True Potential

Setting goals are very important for anyone who wants to reach their true potential in life. Effective goal setting enables people to achieve a better and more fulfiilled life. Learn the power of goal setting and the must know guidelines followed by all of life’s achievers.

Importance of Being Flexible in Reaching Goals

I am somehow a failure in terms of the fulfillment of my goals that I set three years ago. It is a pity, but human. I have done my best and put best effort to get the success. Fortunately, this has made me more eager to know about the dark sides that my character possessed.

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