Jim Rohn Personal Development – 10 Processes To Get Up From A Big Failure

The Power Of Repetition And The Subconscious

The power of repetition is something that can move mountains and enable any of us to achieve virtually anything. The godfather of rock and roll, Chuck Berry, was once asked how he became such a brilliant guitar player. ‘Oh that’, replied Chuck ‘that’s just repetition of execution’.

This ONE Question Gets You on the Shortest Path to Your Dreams

You can ask yourself everyday: What is the one thing I could do today that would be most satisfying? If you really don’t have a clue about what that might be, it’s probably because you’re aware of so many things you need to do that you’re totally overwhelmed. What’s the shortest path to get to the thing you want? Asking this question takes the matter out of the theoretical, where things stay overwhelming, into the present moment, where all of your power is.

Who Really Holds the Key to Your Future?

Adapt the adage of “If it is to be, then it is up to me” and accept that there is no responsible for how your future will turn out, but you. You effectively hold the keys to your own kingdom. Whether you choose to use your keys to open the door on unlimited possibility, or whether you chose to leave the door locked tightly shut, is completely up to you.

Knowing What You Want (and the Shopping List of Life)

The importance of knowing what you want, and the amazing insights of a client. Getting clear on your goal. Why we are afraid to get clear. How to get clear.

The Difference Between Wanting and Intending

There is a difference between wanting something and intending to receive it. Often, people throw out intentions like, “I intend to lose weight,” or “I intend to finish that project,” but never do. This is because intention is often mistaken for tepid desire, and not understood on how to apply it towards manifesting a desire. This article explores the true meaning of intention and offers examples from my life to illustrate the power behind it.

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