Jim Rohn Personal Development – 13 Keys To Personal Development

The 6 Best Ways to Making Every Moment of Your Home Business Learning Process Count

Are you experiencing Loss of Focus even though your heart is telling you to do it? Fighting against all odds to make it work and feel like you are giving 100% and more of yourself with everything you do, to then realize you have barely made it to #3 of your to do list?

Work Life Balance – Can A Business Owner Have Leisure Time, (Or Is Work Life Balance A Myth)?

Have you fallen into the trap like many professional service business owners have, of believing that by working longer and longer hours to keep afloat, that you will still have the time and energy for a fulfilling personal life and that work life balance is a myth? How wrong you could be!

Pipeline Welders Salary – What Do They Get Paid?

Pipeline Welders make between $75,000 and $300,000 a year. The real question is WHY they make that kind of money when most welders make a whole lot less…

Do You Wonder Why You Can’t Seem to Reach Your Goals?

If you are having a hard time getting results and reaching your goals, check in with your values. Chances are your values are not being met… or, like I used to be, you really don’t even know what you value.

What Is Vision Mapping and How Can I Apply It In My Goal Setting?

In order to live a life full of purpose and to live a life on purpose, vision mapping is an effective way to stay focused. Without a vision, there is no direction on which to live life. Without vision, there is no purpose.

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