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Your Dream Is As Individual As You

Recognizing that is a key component of becoming you. All the seminars and self-help books in the world will eventually run out of advice for you.

Life Takes Time and Dreams Do Too

Just because something takes time doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Don’t give up hope.

Goals – Success and Failure

I know some people don’t like to set goals so I wanted to talk about success and failure. As a lot of people don’t like to set a goal in case they fail to achieve it. In most cases failure does not happen overnight. Let’s take weight loss as an example – if you are looking to lose 20kg and you eat a packet of tim tams, that doesn’t mean you have failed! Even though a lot of people think that it does. It’s the accumulation of those decisions that lead to failure. If you decide to every day eat the tim tams and not exercise, and not put your health first… then yes – you will fail at your goal to be 20kg lighter by the end of 12 months. But one packet of tim tams in 3 months of making healthy choices and exercising is success. You will be on track to your goal.

How Do You Set And Achieve Your GOALS?

Volumes have been, and continue to be written about the need for individuals to set and utilize GOALS, yet, like far too many things, we generally rely far too heavily on the rhetorical aspects, as opposed to what the concept means, needs, requires, and hopefully will achieve. If these things that we profess to care so deeply about are genuinely meaningful to us, then we should evaluate, assess, and understand the components and actions that are involved in setting and achieving these items. In my over three decades of personal development training and utilization coaching, I have continuously emphasized that,…

10 Successful Goal Setting Tips for the Busy Woman

Stephen Sutton has inspired me. You have probably heard of him. He was been diagnosed with terminal cancer at 15 and decided to create a bucket list. His bucket list included raising £1mn for charity.

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