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3 Steps to Living a Life of Greatness

All of us are fascinated by greatness whatever its form, sports, entertainment and even gardening! We love to see people doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. We feel likewise when seeing extraordinary things being done in extraordinary ways.

90 Day Action Plan

Where did 2012 go? Can you believe we’re nearing the holiday season for 2012 already? I know it seems like time has sped up, and I can’t figure out where this year has gone, let alone the last few. I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I set out almost 4 years ago now to build my own business and become financially free. I was tired of working harder than everyone else for employers who minimally respected the contribution I was making to their bottom line.

You Can’t Live Someone Else’s Dream

How many times have you heard someone speaking about their dream and how important it is to them, or heard someone attempting to motivate you by urging you to have an essential dream? Perhaps the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Worry?

My father’s side of the family, the Kittos have a long history of worrying! In the bible there is a quote: “The sins of the fathers are passed on to the next generation”. We all pick up the habits; good and not so good; from our parents. So somewhere along the line I picked up my father’s habit of worrying. I remember when I moved to the United States, my Dad was concerned about my choices and worried about me a lot. Nearly every night I would wake up about 3 in the morning and have fears and worrying thoughts that I couldn’t shake. Thoughts like “am I doing the right thing? Should I move back to New Zealand? I should go back and get a real job instead of being self-employed? Am I doing something wrong?”

One Month To Live

Here’s an interesting question to ponder. What would you do if you only had one month to live? How would you spend your days? What places would you see? Who would you spend your time with? Can you name all of the things you would do in those last 30 days.

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