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A Practical Reason You Don’t Achieve Your Goals

Many people believe goals are to accumulate this, that or the other thing. This isn’t true at all. The real purpose of a goal is to cause you to grow. The process of setting and achieving goals cause us to grow ourselves larger than we currently are. The new house, cars, jewelry or any other material thing is a byproduct of us achieving our goal. I wanted to share with you the right way to set goals.

How to Transform Your Dreams Into Accomplishments

Who among us wouldn’t love to be a better person and live a more fulfilling life? Maybe you wish you were richer, thinner, healthier, or more successful. Perhaps you’d like a more fulfilling love life or a fuller social calendar.

Challenge – The Number 1 Motivator of People

In the series of books I wrote for parents, teens and corporations entitled “The 52 Ultimate Leadership Principles,” I wrote that challenge was the #1 motivator of people and not money! During the last six months my son has had several challenges because of choices he made in the past. My message to him was to challenge himself to move past the situations and do what was necessary to reach his goals.

Why Write Goals Down?

Creating a goal is simply not enough. The goal should be written down. Why is the physical action of writing goals down so effective?

Meeting Your Goals – How to Overcome Obstacles Successfully

Are you unhappy with your circumstances in life? Do you want to explore alternatives to your current situation? In this article you will discover ways to regain your focus on your goals in life using the Morehouse College Creed as presented by President Obama in his address to the 2013 Morehouse graduating class as a foundation on which to build. To begin you must stop making excuses, stop “talking the talk” and instead start “walking the walk” toward a more satisfying life.

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