Jim Rohn Personal Development – Discipline Yourself Everyday (ft. Les Brown)

Five Secrets to Remain Focused When Your Back Is Against the Wall

Learn five strategies to keep you laser focused when things are not going well. These five simple steps can empower you to keep moving forward. Do not allow your past failures to define you. Write your own story.

How Do You DISCOVER Your Goals?

Whether you are leading an organization or business, or merely seeking to be the best, most productive individual, you can be, you must have goals, which have some sort of special meaning, or significance, to you! How often have you heard, or read, some discussion/article, which emphasizes the importance of goal – setting? Even after that, have you been able to settle on, and focus on goals which are relevant, motivating, and important, to you, personally?

Message From the Universe: Dreaming Like a King!

No one can take away your dreams or your ambitions. They are yours and it is up to you ONLY to let others dictate what you are aloud to do or not. Will you give away that power to someone else to decide how you should live your life or what dreams you are aloud to have? I don’t think so. Focus on yourself and your ambitions.

The Grand Design: Creating Your Life Plan

Designing your life gives you clarity. Are you in a position to earn the money you want to earn? Can you afford to move to the neighborhood you want? Will your current situation help you become debt free, build wealth, or survive a financial down turn?

Setting Goals In Life

Setting goals is an important part of being human. Most people understand the importance of goals in living but are too harsh in their demands upon themselves. They feel that their goals are too insignificant, that their achievements will hardly be counted for anything if they are not able to end racial prejudice or the world poverty.

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