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Write It Down – Tracking Your Progress Will Lead To Bigger Gains

How many times while growing up did my dad tell me, “Write it down!” How many times have I told myself the same thing? Answer to both: too many. Writing something down has proven to be an effective memorization technique.

Happiness: The Goal

Money can buy happiness in a sense, but only for a limited time! Let me explain. You see, money must be combined with the consciousness that knows how to use the money to benefit the person with the money. Money or anything else, just possessed for its own sake does not work, and even creates sadness by not being used productively.

Take the Pressure Off and Plan Ahead

Life doesn’t tend to run smoothly, with a measured, evenly spaced flow of demands and expectations. For business people it’s often a feast or famine situation, with several orders, customers and meetings to attend, frequently followed by a disconcerting lull. At those times something has to give. Whilst we may have lots to do there’s also a need for us to manage stress, look after ourselves, take the pressure off and plan ahead.

The 10 Step Goal Process

Setting goals isn’t just about the goal; it is about the process around the goal. At times these steps can seem obvious or trite however they are key actions in the process of goal achievement. If you are not reaching your goals, consider if there is a step in the process that you can sharpen and increase your goal success!

Life Coaching – Your Life Assessment and Discovery

Do you know why coaches use an introduction questionnaire? The benefit of a life coaching assessment is that it gives you a chance to reflect on your life and be honest with yourself. It also allows you time to determine what goals you are looking to obtain and what results would mean the most to you. This assessment provides a tool for your first few coaching sessions when you and your coach can dig deeper into your answers and focus on a few actions that will bring you closer to your goal. It also helps give your coach valuable insight into your life.

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