Jim Rohn Personal Development – DO WHAT IS HARD (ft. Tony Robbins, Les Brown)

Message From the Universe: Falling in Love With the Entire World

Looking and hearing about the glamorous lives of the rich and famous isn’t glamorous after all. Many suffer from depression, alcohol and drug abuse and so many other mental related issues that plague their lives on a daily basis. We somehow wish to be living their lifestyle. Wish again.

Does Your Past Hold You Back? What Keeps You Trapped?

Do you ever think why has this happened to me? Does your thought patterns hold you in the same place? Here’s some tips to help you move start moving forward.

The Potential of Your Unbridled Power

In life, some people discover their purpose at a very young age and others uncover it later on. Unfortunately, there are far too many who drift aimlessly and never quite find their purpose. The universe always gives us signs for what direction to go in to develop our potential, but we must heed them.

Message of the Universe: The Smart Soul

Always look to better yourself every chance you get, either by getting educated or by life’s experiences. Stagnation is the slow death of the human brain, so avoid it at all cost. Life is filled with opportunities, it is just up to you to grab them. Do not let fear deter you from reaching your goals, so take action every chance you get. You can take calculated risks as your safety should be number one priority.

Meet a Champion Who Gives New Meaning to Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

Whenever you go for a significant goal, there are bound to be people who will say “You can’t do that, you’re too young/old/short/tall/lazy/etc. (fill in the blank)” or “What makes you think you can do it?” or “You’ve never managed anything like that before” or any number of other “You can’ts.” The one thing you can’t do – is listen to them!

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