Jim Rohn Personal Development – Don’t Neglect Your Mind

Don’t Let Schedule Disruptions Destroy Your Momentum

One of the things that can derail us from achieving our Goals is a small setback, or something not going exactly as planned. It throws off our thinking, our planning and our momentum.

New Year – New You or Old You?

The New Year is a time many of us look at ourselves and our lives to see what we can do better. We look at what we’ve accomplished.

Start Your New Year Well

There’s are certain times in life when it’s good to pause and assess what we’ve achieved so far, how that measures up to our original goals and where we would like our next steps to take us. New year can also be a valuable time to take stock of our aims, successes and the things that didn’t work out as planned. Then we can aim to start the new year well!

Practice the Technique Top Performers Use to Achieve Any Goal

Athletes use this technique to overcome nerves and perform at their peak. Actors use it as the heart of their craft. And, corporate leaders use it to envision bold new products and services for their companies. But, did you know you can use it to overcome anxiety and addictions, create new habits, test decisions, and welcome the experiences your soul desires? The technique is “Mental Rehearsal.” In this post, you’ll learn the steps of this powerful tool for personal change.

Practice! Picture! Pull Off!

We all want to do “it”. What I mean by doing “it” is achieving what we genuinely want in life and existence.

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