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Your Habits Are Creating Your Future

When you introduce this new success habit building process into your life, you need to know where you want your life to go. Identify the bad habits, which are not serving you and work to replace them with the success habits that will.

Have To or Want To?

The title of this article is very in my face right now, both for myself and for many clients. Do you recognise when you are doing things for all the wrong reasons? When you have set yourself a goal(s) and get to the point where you are “wading” through your daily tasks or obligations, it usually means that at some point they have just become things on lists that need checking off as fast as possible. They start feeling hard to do and carry a weight of responsibility. They actually become like massive, heavy boulders you lug around on your back… doing nothing to make life easier or more rewarding for you now. Something has gone wrong along the way.

9/11/01: A Day to Remember

For most people, remembering 9/11/01 is about remembering where they were when they first heard the news. It is easy to recall it since it was such a shocking day filled with tragedy after tragedy and while most felt numb that day, recall of the event now includes emotions of great sadness, grief, despair, and anger. The many days of confusion that followed 9/11/01 are more of fog compared to the moment in which you first heard the news. That moment is imbedded into your memory as if it was yesterday, stirring up a mixture of both old and new emotions. With each passing year, the memory refuses to fade as new memories are implanted into your head; instead it remains a solidly fixed and sober event.

How to Combat Post Project Blues

Planning will help you see quickly if your priorities match what where you are focusing your attention. A sobering reality check and an awesome system to help you stay track and prioritize!

Using the School Year Model for Setting Fitness Goals

Remember when we were kids and we would start a new school year? Just because our school days are behind us doesn’t mean that we cannot incorporate the model of the school year in our journey to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

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