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The Purpose and Objectives of an Alumni Association

The purpose of any Alumni Association is to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities by informing, engaging and inspiring alumni to stay connected to their alma mater, and support the vision of the university and contribute towards its success. Following are the main purposes that are expected out of alumni associations…

Make Your Goals a Positive Experience

Our goals should motivate and inspire us and we often rely on that energy and enthusiasm to keep us going when things don’t work out quite to plan. Let’s look at ways to ensure that our goals are a positive experience.

7 Weeks With My Fitbit Flex: What I Like and Don’t Like

I heard about the Fitbit for the first time on a blog. Since the blogger and I are very similar with regard to goals, I immediately paid attention and thought that I should get one. When I investigated further, I figured out that I could use some banking reward points and save nearly 30%. Sold! I went online, bought my one and waited eagerly for it to arrive. I received my Fitbit, immediately registered and sorted it out and so it’s been 7 weeks of use since then. For those who don’t know what a Fitbit is, you wear it on your wrist like a watch and it tracks the number of steps you walk per day, the distance you’ve walked, how many active minutes you have, calories you’ve burned and the sleep you get. In the iPhone app, you can also track your daily weight (if you weigh daily like I do), how much water you’re drinking and the foods you’re eating. I don’t use all of the functionality – I only track water, weight and sleep, and the app tracks my steps and tells me I’m not active enough!

Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Even if you can’t afford a professional coach, here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge. These five, simple questions can help you know and understand yourself better.

Lose the Guilt-Ridden “Shoulds” for the Magic of “Could”

The alarm rings. Too early, much too early. A whole hour early.

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