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More Of The Same For 2013, Or Something Different?

We are fast approaching the middle of 2013, are you on track to achieve your goals for this year? If not, why not? Did you set any goals for this year? The next year, 5 years or 10 years?

The Championship That Counts

This is motivation: Every day is a championship worth winning and living, when you survive and survive well. Nothing else matters.

Each Conscious Being Is In Charge Of Themselves

The deadline for controlling yourself to your own benefit is forever. Never believe that anyone else is responsible for your achievements other than yourself. Because genuinely conscious achievement is to the credit of each consciousness.

Pockets of Progress

Even through the most difficult moments when pursuing our goals, there are pockets of progress that should motivate us to keep moving forward. These are areas or moments where things are going right and progress is made. Remember to recognize these pockets of progress.

Checklist: How To Set Goals With A Real Purpose

Did you know that haphazard goals are just empty idle words? Don’t allow your goals to be just empty idle words. Set your goals with a real purpose because if your goals doesn’t propel you forward, you may be missing a vital piece.

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