Jim Rohn Personal Development – Get Up And ATTACK The Day

Do You Ever Wonder Why It’s Taking So Long?

It’s easy to get frustrated when “success” doesn’t happen as quickly as you like. Learn why things are moving slowly for you and what to do about it. (Things can change for you!)

How Do I Commit TOTALLY to My Goals?

Commitment is one of the scariest words in any language. It has so much meaning, possibility, opportunity and responsibility wrapped up in those three little syllables.

4 Reasons Why You Need Health Goals

Many people will tell you that you need to have Goals in each of a set of defined categories. I’m less strict about that, but I definitely think you should have Goals for your Health.

3 Reasons Working Alone Can Kill Your Success

One of the biggest problems people have in achieving their Goals is that they get discouraged, distracted or diverted from the end result. Given the level of cultural noise most of us experience today, it can be extremely difficult to focus on what needs to be done.

Progress Depends on Doing the Little Things Daily

As we work towards our Goals, it’s easy to get discouraged, because we don’t always see progress. We want a quick result or at least something we can see every time we look, but that’s not how we should measure progress all the time. Sometimes, our progress has to be measured in the daily actions we take.

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