Jim Rohn Personal Development – GOD IS IN CONTROL (ft. Steve Harvey, Les Brown)

How To Plan For The Year

Having a blue print of what you want to do for the year should be paramount. The success of tomorrow largely depends on how well you plan for today.

Moving Without a Direction

Moving without directions gets you no where. You must know where you’re going in order to fulfill your goals and dreams. Contrary to popular belief it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone and work with someone that is an expert in the field of strategy and goal setting. This article is an awesome testimony of what can be done when you know where you’re going.

Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions

Do you enjoy making New Year Resolutions, or actually a better question is, do you keep your resolutions? Did you know that 9 out of 10 people fail with keeping their resolutions. So what is the reason for this?

Five Possible Reasons That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals

Probably no one of us started out in life saying, “I hope I’ll end messing up everything.” Just like everyone else, all of us have the best intentions in all areas of life: relationships, health, careers or business endeavors, as well as recreational pursuits that will contribute to our personal growth. And yet, to leave everything to chance, or to assume that success in achieving our goals is a matter of luck, is a dangerous presumption.

Message From the Universe: The Journey to the Unknown

Everything starts from scratch. The billionaires on earth didn’t wake up with that money, especially the self made ones. They started with nothing and created everything. They worked their butt off and made things happen when others were to afraid to venture in. Fear was a motivator, not an obstacle. They had no clue where they were headed but had enough faith in themselves to reach their goals. Success was there waiting for them impatiently.

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