Jim Rohn Personal Development – GOD IS WITH YOU (ft. Les Brown, Steve Harvey)

Should We Shut Up or Tell People Our Dreams, Plans and Goals?

When our desires are deep-seated, when we want something so bad, when we want our hopes and dreams to come true… what do you usually do? Keep it to yourself or let the whole world know about it?

Achieve Your Goals – Is Your Goal Compelling Enough?

When you have an outcome in mind and you are setting a goal in order to achieve it, do you spend enough time making it compelling enough? The adjective “compelling” can be defined as evoking interest, attention or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way. It can also be defined as not able to be refuted or inspiring conviction. This is what your goal must create for you; a compelling reason or set of reasons that makes completing or achieving it better than not completing or achieving it. Sounds simple but how do you set about creating something compelling?

Live With A Vision

With your online business, are you doing the everyday tasks that will make you successful? Are you blogging everyday? Or, are you allowing the circumstances of your day to prevent you from accomplishing your important tasks? How many times have you found yourself losing your day, due to problems? Are you making the best use of your time, or are you wasting your day dealing with issues that will not help you accomplish your vision?

Achieve Your Goals – Is The Fear Of Success Holding You Back?

When it comes to goal setting there are some people who set goals at a very low level and even people who fail to set goals of any kind at all. Many of these people are scared but what exactly are they scared of? I think it is fair to say that most people are familiar with the concept of the fear of failure. This is a common and largely understandable fear as surely nobody wants to fail. Much has been said and written about turning the concept of failure completely on its head and looking at it as a very useful feedback and learning tool. The fear of feedback is not nearly so debilitating. This article, however, is about the fear of success and the subtle but very real damage it can inflict on our efforts to set goals and complete them.

Personal Goal Setting: 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Set Goals

Every person’s ability to be successful in personal goal setting mainly depends on himself. Failure, likewise will depend on whether or not the person is determined, diligent, and persistent. Some, though, stay on the middle and choose not to set goals. There are five main reasons why they refuse to do so.

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