Jim Rohn Personal Development – How To Make Better Decisions

The Ladder of Success – Goal Setting

“You reap what you sow!” It takes time and patience to achieve any goal. Knowledge maximizes your potential. The hardest part to reaching a goal is making a start and maintaining the effort. The right choices and positive action will ultimately bless you.

How Retirees Shaped My Attitude About Retirement

Retirement is not for sissies. Know what you are getting into before you stop working.

How I Became Microbiologist – Career Talks

We had been extremely lucky to have a sit down with Mrs. Shubhangi who is a Marie Curie fellow, a research scientist, and a microbiologist. Read on as we find out what kindred in her an interest in science, specifically microbiology and how she came to be a Marie Curie fellow.

Are You in Action-Faking Mode? If So, There’s A Way To Snap Out of It!

Writing down your goals can be very exhilarating because they sure look good and seem very do-able. Shortly after your imaginary journey of success, do you return to movie binging, video game binging, or social media binging? If yes, then you may be participating in the mind game of action-faking. But there’s a way out…

Why Haven’t You Achieved Your Goals (And How You Could Achieve Them)

Why is setting goals important? Setting goals is fundamental to one’s long-term success because it is like our very own life roadmap. Find out how to set effective goals using the simple methods in this article.

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