Jim Rohn Personal Development – How to Master Your Psychology

It’s A Recipe For Disaster

Once we get a habit in place, why is it that we always want to change it? How do you deal with life’s changes while still keeping our good habits in our life?

A New Way of Understanding Smart Goals

It’s believed that less than 3% of the people have written goals and astonishingly these are the 3% who earn 10 times more than the other 97%. It matters a lot to make goals and whether you make goals for yourself or not, someone else has already designed goals for you. Your government, employer and even your spouse have set goals for you and if you don’t show your goals to them you’re most likely to drift away (wherever they want not wherever you want) with their goals and actions.

Physics As a Career Option

Physics as a science subject would be one of the best options to study. The career prospects too seem to be better.

5 Secret Ingredients to Impress Your Boss

Even after having all the charm and grace, if the ‘head’ is impressed with someone else who doesn’t even deserve a tad, then it is really frustrating! Follow these 5 secret ingredients to impress your boss!

Discipline: The 2nd Biggest Lie Ever Told

The entire idea of discipline is an illusion. Discipline: (defined as the practice of routinely doing what one “should” do, but would rather not do) does not exist in any significant form anywhere. People simply don’t do what they should do but don’t want to do. Over the long term, people do exactly and only what they want to do. There are really no meaningful exceptions to this.

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