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The Biggest Mistakes Christians Make When Creating Goals and Resolutions for the New Year

We are all thinking about our goals and New Years Resolutions this time of year. Are we surprised that most of them are never achieved? It may be because setting goals are a thing of the past. Consider some alternative ways of achieving your mission in life.

Goal Setting Tools to Help You Succeed

You can use an old-fashioned paper and pen to make and set your goals, but what’s the fun in that? Today there are so many wonderful online tools and software that can help make goal setting fun and easy. When something is fun and easy, you’re more likely to stick to it long enough to actually achieve the success you desire.

Drive Your Life! Set Some Goals For 2015

The New Year is a good time for resolutions. Back those resolutions up with goals and a plan to reach those goals. It can transform your life!

Skip the Resolutions – Do This Instead

As we approach the end of the year, the idea of setting new resolutions seems the thing to do. Most often people will resolve the same or similar things year after year. Topping the list – losing weight, getting organized and saving more money.

How To Form Habits Effortlessly – The Power Of The Compound Effect

Have you ever tried to form a new habit but fail multiple times? Me too. Unfortunately, our willpower is limited and this is the reason why we fail to follow through new habits or discipline ourself. What makes habits so powerful is that they require no or very limited willpower and allow us to accomplish way more things that we could if we were to rely solely on our willpower. In this article I show you how to form new habits effortlessly.

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