Jim Rohn Personal Development – I Can Make It (ft. Steve Harvey, Les Brown)

New Year Resolutions – Where Are They Now?

Most of us struggle with New Year Resolutions. We discuss the things that block us, and ways to overcome them. Free yourself from New Year resolutions, and learn how to set achievable goals.

Goal Setting Tip 2: The Importance of Monitoring Your Goals

This shows how important is monitoring your progress based on the goals you’ve set. Unlock the secrets of champions in this simple goal setting guide.

Definite Major Purpose – Overcoming The First Hurdle

The first obstacle when finding your definite major purpose is to actually find out what your purpose is. When you don’t think you have a burning desire for anything, you can hit a brick wall, but does this mean that you have nothing to aim for?

How to Prepare Yourself for Life After the Military

The military is viewed in different ways for many people who have served. Whether it it’s a duty or a stepping stone to something greater, no matter if you did 4 years or 24, it will come to an end. The biggest question is what’s life after the military like.

6 Great Reasons to Reinvent Your Career in 2013

Change isn’t easy. Most of us hang on way longer than is emotionally healthy, or in the case of our professional development, remain stagnant in our career longer than is strategically wise.

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