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Three Steps to Identify and Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

“If you don’t change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” – William Somerset Maugham Do you know that the average person makes about 35,000 decisions a day?

Discover Why This Is the Best Time to Re-Evaluate Your Career

Life establishes a rhythm and a pattern. It is often referred to as the status quo. As the world continues to evolve, you may either feel as if your life is adapting along with it, or your career is never changing, growing, or moving forward. Days go by and nothing changes. Your thoughts of the future are focused on getting ahead and perhaps how you’ll create better traction for advancing the knowledge, skills, and talents you possess. Perhaps you feel under-appreciated, you’ve been over-looked for positions, and/or you believe you are under-paid for your role. Whatever the case may be, your daily routine may have been consumed with timely thoughts about achieving a better future. Then when a significant lifetime event occurs, such as a worldwide crisis, it creates an opportunity to re-evaluate the thoughts and plans you’ve had for your career.

Read The Goals You Write Daily

The key idea of life and existence is to achieve and grow, right? So, the thing to do, I understand is to make plans and work on them constantly and always like a ship with a good rudder, ideal helm people running the ship and if you have a great motor and lots of fuel, all the better.

Why “Dumbdumb Goals” Beat SMART Goals Every Time

Despite their popularity, SMART goals don’t make sense and won’t help you. They can be a waste of effort. Here’s why DUMBDUMB goals kick their butt.

Good Habits Support Good Results

Are you perhaps feeling that now’s the time to improve your health and your life? Good habits are often crucial to achieving good results and a positive outcome. You may be looking to lose weight, become fitter, more successful, are motivated to do well at work or feel it’s time to extend your circle of friends; all require sustained effort to continue beyond the first few enthusiastic days. Here are some valuable hints.

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