Jim Rohn Personal Development – I’M GOING TO WIN (ft. Les Brown)

3 Clues to Your “Why”

What is your “Why”? What makes your heart sing? What about some passion and purpose in Life? Answers to that, you will find in my article. Thanks,

Dealing With Self-Doubt

This article provides details about how to deal with self-doubt when trying accomplish your goals. Fear and self-doubt can hinder productivity and creativity. By acknowledging self-doubt is normal, you won’t let it hinder your progress.

The Smart Ways to Develop Goal Setting Skills

Stop procrastination – Procrastination can happen at any time. It occurs when we avoid tasks that we find unpleasant. It hinders your long-term success.

Goal Setting Tips: Benefits of Setting Short-Term Goals

Have you ever tried to quit smoking but unsuccessfully? You wanted to play sports regularly, but still couldn’t find enough motivation? Sometimes no matter how much we want to achieve something, we are not able to stick to what we have set. And the obstacle here is probably not the lack of strong will, but the way we set ourselves goals. In this article, you will learn how to set your goals so that they are easy and enjoyable to achieve. The technique I will be discussing is setting short-term goals. A technique that is sometimes underestimated.

Quick Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals

Goals are what takes us ahead in life; they’re like an oxygen in our dreams. They’re always the first and last steps in all our embarkations. Having a written goal with a fixed date for achievement provides you something to plan and work with.

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