Jim Rohn Personal Development – KEEP GRINDING (ft. David Goggins)

The Secret Sauce to Achieving Goals

There is a lot more to goal setting success than just setting the goal. While that is important, it’s also important to ensure that you are setting the right goals at the right time. Being ‘timely’ is crucial to ensure a positive result. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to head in the right direction:

The Thirteen-Minute Article (It Took Me Ten Minutes To Write, Three To Edit)

This article will take me ten minutes to write, but a lifetime to apply for us all! With that said, I will start typing the body of the article from here.

Looking For The Goal-Behind-The-Goal

The word “goals” will easily surpass 1.5 billion hits on a Google search. Should you set a stretch, go long, meddle in the medium, stay short, be SMART, form formal, do distal, ponder proximal, lean into learning, or push performance? Do I aim, stack, eliminate, meditate, or marinate with these goals? Yes… until you find the Goal-Behind-The-Goal.

Goal Setting: A Quick Guide

Let’s talk about goal setting; how you go about setting Purposeful goals, and making sure those goals actually get achieved. How do you make goals work not only for New Year’s time, but throughout the whole year? How do you make them actually changing your life, transforming your life for the better?

How to Make Dreams Come True

Have a big dream that stays on your mind? Want to leave caution to the wind and follow your passion? Ideas don’t move until you do. But, a vision without a plan is not risky. It’s reckless.

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