Jim Rohn Personal Development – KEEP PUSHING HARDER (ft. Les Brown)

Trim Your Tree

How close should your family be before they are co-dependent? When should we let our children be own their own? Questions that have plagued us since the institution of family came into existence.

Achieve Your Goals – Do You Fully Own Your Goal?

You have a goal but do you fully own it? You may have pictured it in incredible detail and be fully committed to it and all of its sub-goals. You may have written it down in a specific and compelling way. However, no matter what you do with it, a goal is an intangible thing. What does ownership of a goal really mean? What difference does it make to the success or failure of a goal?

Goal Setting Activities

Goal Setting Routines Every one of us is likely to set goals in life willingly or unwillingly and strive to accomplish those goals. We set goals to bring improvement in many aspects of life including career, personal conditions, schooling, and business. The tactic is to generate a few changes in our routine or introduce certain habits which are not present recently in order to accomplish what we had in mind.

Fail While Daring Greatly, and You Will Succeed

Whether you embark on a fourteen year journey to get your degree, or you finish a Half Ironman Race dead last – you set your goals, you reach them and you feel the joy of victory. Give up and the pain of remorse stays with you forever.

Succeed With Attitude!

Having a positive attitude is essential in making your goals become a reality. There is a world of a difference between a person with a positive attitude and a person with a “bad attitude”. Signs of a positive attitude include smiling, enthusiastic, open minded, able to handle setbacks, taking responsibility for your actions and being committed and disciplined.

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