Jim Rohn Personal Development – Learn How To Handle The Negative

Your Most Important Goal Isn’t Always the Biggest

What’s your most important Goal? Not your biggest Goal, because size has nothing to do with importance when it comes to Goals.

Flexibility Is Key to Achieving Our Goals

Goal Setting and achieving those Goals is more than just creating the Goal and putting a date on it. The Goal is the easy part.

Achieving Your Goals Through Your Habits

Our Goals are about the end result we’re chasing, so we focus on that. That Goal or end result is what we expect to make us happy, feel accomplished and make an impact on our lives or others’.

Goal-Setting and a Morning Routine

There is a definite correlation between achieving our Goals and our morning routine, and it should support our pursuit of our Goals. A morning routing is what you do in the morning from when you get up to when you leave for or start work.

3 Ways Goals Are Better Than Resolutions

I want to talk a little bit about the difference between Resolutions and Goals. In an ideal world, they’re the same thing when structured correctly.

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