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Becoming a Better You in 2013

One of the key elements of success is learning the discipline of setting goals. It is one thing to set goals, another thing to work toward them, and yet another thing to actually achieve them. All of the goals and accomplishments start with you. What are your dreams? How hard are you willing to work? How will you make time to work toward your goals?

Things to Ponder on How to Become Successful

Success is what all people desire. This long lasting achievement is worth all the sacrifices. Nobody wants to fail. Even on simple things we do every day, we do not want to feel any failures. This is because we are afraid that those disappointments would drag us to a guilty feeling and would destroy our plans and dreams in our lives.

Of Mentors And Models

Want to learn how to do something? Find someone who’s done it. Want to find out how to get somewhere? Find someone who is there or has been there and knows the way back.

How To Write Goals That Are Achievable and “Right For You”

School teaches us many things, however there are many areas that involve achievements and basic life skills that are not. Here is a simple way to go about goal setting that aligns with your life purpose.

Life Alignment And Goal Setting

Everyone has a purpose but sometimes one of the most challenging things is finding it. One of the main reasons most people lose sight of their purpose, is due to placing limitations on themselves including forming and creating limiting beliefs and therefore situations around themselves that take them off track.

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