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Procrastination: 7 Causes, 7 Cures

Does procrastination ever stop you from doing what you really want to do with your life? Maybe you want to get in better shape, go back to school, start your business or start investing money in the future. Let us examine seven causes of procrastination and seven cures that will help you put an end to it.

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Making a new year’s resolution has been an ineffective practice for some people as the end result is usually never fully achieved. By setting goals, it is easier to persevere and accomplish the new year commitment, as goals provide more specific guidelines for success.

Goal Setting Tips: How To Become Goal Oriented

Hitting any specific goal has never been easier. Learn 3 simple yet effective tips on hitting any personal and business goal that you have.

Performance Appraisal – For Your Life

It’s the time of the year when we start preparing for our performance appraisals with our bosses and listen to their feedback on what we have done well and where we need to further develop. Those who think that they have done a great job and secretly expect a promotion or a big pay raise will be quietly excited about the upcoming appraisal. Those who know that they have not lived up to the expectations of their boss will be quietly dreading the moment.

Resolution Mistakes We Make

All of us make resolutions when a year ends and a new year begins. But whether we stick to them is a big question. The problem is we commit certain mistakes while making our resolutions. Let us have a look.

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