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Living a Goal Oriented Life

The world is moving, everything is in a constant motion, like the clouds going around the sky above us, you went to bed last night, woke up today and continued your daily routine, and to you it doesn’t seem like progress even though to you, every day is pretty the same, and of-course, same thoughts going through your mind today will probably come through tomorrow. Do we ever wonder why days seems to be the same, but years are different? because what ever you are doing now, there is an impact of a daily progression, whether you are aware of…

Why Do You Suppose That So Many People Never Achieve Their Goals in Life?

Researchers found, that only one in five Americans who reach the age of 65 don’t depend on Social Security. Some people who do depend on social security include high-paying professions like doctors and lawyers.

How Smart People Get Promoted

There are far too many people hoping they receive a promotion soon. In some cases, the belief is that longevity with a company will eventually yield good news. I do know that advancements are sometimes given based on seniority, but having to wait until one gets older to receive a promotion is a strategy with a double-edge sword.

Intuitive Goal Setting

Find goal setting to be a real challenge? Feel like it should be easier? Maybe you should think about intuitive goal setting. Here’s Helen’s take on what this means.

Make Your Goals Inevitable

A perspective on how a person can achieve his or her goals through proper hard work and commitment. Every person has some goals, but without inspiration, those goals may be somewhat they wrote down on a piece of paper and then fail to recall about. Start off by thinking about when and where you have to place yourself and then just try to conquer your fears.

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