Jim Rohn Personal Development – Plan Your Day!

Everybody Needs Somebody!

How many of you feel very alone in your business? Your family doesn’t have a clue what you do. Your friends think you’ve ‘lost it’. And there are days when you feel so isolated and lonely that you, too, wonder if it’s worth it.

Success on Your Terms

What does success mean to you? By not having your own definition of success, there’s a high probability that you’re pursuing what someone else wants you to do. Start drafting your own plan for Success on Your Own Terms.

Feeling Guidance System

Your feelings are your guide to your vibrational alignment with Source, as how you feel tells you whether you are aligning with Source or not. When you feel good within yourself, you are perfectly aligned; and when you don’t feel good, then you are out of alignment with Source in that moment. So how you feel at any given time shows you what your present point of attraction is, meaning, what you will create next in your life.

Second Place Is the First Loser

“Second Place is the First Loser” isn’t as harsh as it sounds… especially if you understand that it has more to do with mindset than outcome. Getting your mind right can be the difference between realizing your potential and falling short.

Personal Freedom Self Examination

What is personal freedom to you? I bet your definition of personal freedom is different than your wife’s, neighbor’s, mother’s or co-worker’s. Only through careful personal evaluation can we truly know what is most important to us, and what will make us feel free in our lives and able to do the things we want to do. In this article, you will learn to put together a plan to be on the path to personal freedom.

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