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Goal Setting and Goal Getting: Change the Way You Think About Them

For years and years I’ve been setting goals, completing goals and helping others to achieve their goals. Seems like I’m kind of obsessed with goals doesn’t it? Well if you think about it we are all setting goals constantly we just don’t think of them as goals per say, just things we’ve “gotta do”.

Dreamers and Doers

Dreamers & Doers categorize all the people who seek their life’s purpose. Both of these categories are essential to establishing a strategic plan of action, but starting with only one can endanger your success towards a certain goal/task!

Important Life Hacks Based On the Franklin Covey Planning System

With so many different things to do in life, it is always important to have an efficient time management system in place that will help you remain objective throughout. In the absence of such, it is almost impossible to keep your eyes on the antelope and avoid all the dashing squirrels that may seem easier to trap along the way.

Reasons Why You Need a Good Time Management System

It is important to understand that you should not break your head on a matter that has simply become impossible under prevailing circumstances. You will also be surprised at how simple some problems could turn out if only you took them in manageable portions. The method of handling a task in small manageable units is popularly known as multiple put down method and has been established to yield positive results.

How to Determine Whether Or Not You Are In Pursuit Of Your True Passion

The struggle to conform is a major reason why many make wrong choices in the early stages of life. It is important to avoid pressure from peers or to assume that everything trendy is actually right.

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