Jim Rohn Personal Development – PUSH YOURSELF EVERYDAY (ft. Tony Robbins)

How To Choose Your True GOALS?

We often hear, individuals speak about, setting goals, and appropriately, using them, to become better, etc, but, too often, we fail to pay sufficient attention to how to decide, consider, evaluate, understand, and choose, our personal, true GOALS! After, over four decades, of involvement, in a variety of areas, related to personal development, and enhancement/ achievement, from advising, training, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to, conducting thousands of personal development seminars, I have come to the conclusion, not only, is this process, important and significant, but, often, makes the difference, between becoming our personal best, versus, settling…

The Only Way To Win, Really

Cheating always looks easier and better, that is what makes it so seemingly attractive to those who are honestly losing. When winning looks “far away” and “the luck of the beginner” is lost on the next attempt, that is when temptation works a “magic”. If you are strong enough to resist the “enchantment” and realize that the only way to really win is the honest way always and repeatedly with practice, understanding and real effort; I am glad for you, you do not need this article.

What Do You STRIVE For, And Why?

Although, perhaps, it is the most important thing, any of us, might possibly do, few individuals, consistently, proceed forward, in an introspective way, and give ourselves, a realistic, check – up, from the neck – up! If, we hope to become, the best we can be, it is essential to perceive and conceive of, create, and emphasize, having meaningful goals, pursuing them, proactively, and considering which options, and alternatives, might, be best, for you, and proceeding to, STRIVE for them! How, and what one seeks, and is ready, willing, and able, to put forth an elevated degree of effort, and emphasis, on,…

If You Really Want It, Willingness To Do What It Takes Is A Key!

The most powerful ideas reach us “in work clothes” and not looking “powerful” at all, but looking like something we need, though. Right within that sentence is the reality of everything.

What I Learned From the Inventor of Zoom

Problem-solving is the obvious answer to all of our complaints. Looking for answers, resources, for help with any given situation is – always – the way.

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