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The Power of Goal Setting Using a SMARTER Process

It can be a personal or a business goal. It does not matter which, just as long as you make sure that it is not a ‘hit and miss’ goal, as happens to most people on new year’s eve as they consider what they want in their upcoming year. A REAL goal is something that we need to make sure has certain elements to it so that it can become a reality.

Goal Seeking and Morality

Whatever one decides, that decision is based upon previous choices. An important part of life is goal setting. Goal setting impacts one’s life.

Understanding Your Personality And The Right Career Path

Your personality greatly affects your performance in a given career. Studies show that 90% of people get into the wrong careers as they don’t know their personalities. This results to most people living unfulfilled lives. Others choose to leave their careers and venture into other areas. To increase your chances of being successful and enjoy what you do you need to join the right career path from the start.

Message From the Universe: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

As long as you keep on walking in the tunnel, you will eventually arrive at a place where a dim light may appear. It might not be as bright as you want it to be but it is there. You probably need to walk a bit further so you can start seeing more of the shapes of that tunnel. Life is exactly the same. It may seem where there is no hope, or nothing good coming out of your struggles, but the reality is that everything that should come out of this experience is POSITIVE outcome. You will get out alive and be a better person prior to walking in this tunnel. Be open minded and have faith.

Message From the Universe: Make Your Dreams a Reality

The step by step process of how to make a dream a reality. There is no magic, no secrets, no luck, it just requires hard work and determination. Of course, you need to include some belief and a lot of action behind that dream. Nothing will come easy but with enough patience, you will get to where you want to be. Again, thoughts, belief and action is what it takes to make your dreams come true.

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