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7 Secrets of Developing Self-Discipline for the Successful Entrepreneur

Do you want to know the truth about what it really takes to succeed? It takes a lot of hard work but smart work. It means working on the right things at the right time. Success comes from self-discipline. Self-discipline is essential to getting what you want. Self-discipline comes from learning and relearning how to manage yourself.

If Christmas Is in July, Then August Is New Year’s: Regaining Focus on Your 2014 Goals

By June, 50% of the population who set New Year’s Resolutions has already fell off the band wagon. Here we are approaching the middle of July. What the heck does that mean then? The Magic 8 ball says: “Outlook is not good” for those of us who set goals seven months ago. I am here to tell you some good news though; there are still 5.5 months left in 2014. And, if Christmas is in July, then that means we can prep for New Years in August. So, this month, rethink about your 2014 goals. Design a plan for moving forward with your goals, and, within the next couple weeks, begin putting them back into action.

6 Simple Self Improvement Skills

It is only natural that a person should strive for improvement in their life. Who among us has not found at least one aspect of our personality or interpersonal skills that we would like to change? Such change can often seem difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without help or guidance. Here are six simple ways to help you. If applied diligently you will see the changes come quickly and easily.

The “Personal” Meaning of Life

“All people really want is to be happy.” – Aristotle As far as you can remember, you didn’t ask to be here,didn’t ask to be born, but here you are anyway. So what to do about it?

Yes, You’re Also Entitled to Reward Yourself

My default setting is usually to go, go, go. As such, I usually keep striving and reaching towards the next thing, without taking a moment or two to just enjoy having accomplished a goal. I’m not great at the resting and rejuvenating types of rewards but I’ve got better. A large part of it is a monthly ritual I’ve put into place where I review what I’ve gotten done during the month. I celebrate all by myself that I’ve done x, y and z, and that it was, indeed, an accomplishment. Since I’ve started noting down what I have done instead of what I haven’t, I’ve felt happier and more grateful for the good things in my life. Why should we reward ourselves after we accomplish a goal or do something we’re proud of? It helps us to mark the occasion, take stock and celebrate properly, which in turn, motivates us to keep at it. Your reward should ideally be in proportion to how much work you put in to get something done. I always tell people – it may not be the best use of your time to take a 15-minute break after organising your desk for 15 minutes:)

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