Jim Rohn Personal Development – STOP WASTING TIME (ft. Les Brown, Tony Robbins)

Fear Limits Our Vision

I’ve learned that fear limits our vision. Transforming fear into freedom is great! Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!

Lessons From Netflix – You Have the Ability to Change Your World

I predict that many of the smart, savvy displaced people will turn to social commerce and go into business for themselves – opening their own micro-enterprise using the very channel that pushed them away from a career they may have loved! You have the ability to change with the world! By the way, if you are interested in building your very own micro-enterprise, contact me at http://kathleenolivieri.com/contact and I can tell you how YOU can do this without moving or going back to school!

Dangers of Premature Decisions

Premature… (genesis 3) Life is ultimately in stages, men come in sizes. Every stage requires a certain size to operate on it. Before you could be qualified to perform at a certain stage of life, a level of growth must be attained.

Five Ways to Be Ahead of Time

One of the greatest assets in life is time, one of the greatest delusions in life is still time and one of the greatest illusions in life is time. The world is regulated by time, as far as life on earth is concerned, it is timed, and every aspect of living is timed.

Life Is So Simple – Why Insist on Making It So Complicated?

SIMPLE is the name of the game so you confuse me when you say it’s COMPLICATED. Stop it and tell your mind to shut up and get it right. Always remember there’s someone else in a worse situation than you are so be grateful for what you have and stop complaining about what you don’t have.

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