Jim Rohn Personal Development – SUCCESS NEEDS PATIENCE

The Story of a Big Dreamer

High achievers are big dreamers. You can achieve what you dream if your follow some rules given in this article.

How To Make Adding Boundaries Into Your Life As Easy As 1-2-3!

Most of us were taught that when someone asks, we give. However, there are times when that’s not the best thing to do and it actually ends up hurting us. Learn how to set the boundaries you need to live your best life.

The Solution May Be Right in Front of Your Eyes

I posted a comment on a Facebook thread recently that studies have shown that at least 90% of all chronic illness is caused by negative emotions (primarily stress). The good news is that if you change your emotions, your illness can often diminish or disappear. Well, one of the readers got very huffy and offended as she told me that she had chronic pain for years and didn’t want to think that her negative emotions were caused by it.

YOUR SUCCESS Is Much Closer Than You Realize (If You’ll Only Stop Doing This)

Is being competitive a good thing – or is it slowing down your success? Those thoughts you’re thinking about others could be holding your growth hostage!

Looking For The Newer, Shinier Version of You?

It’s that time of year when you start re-evaluating what you’re doing and where you are? This article will help you get perspective, give you strategy and remind you to stop beating yourself up.

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