Jim Rohn Personal Development – Take Control Of Your Worry

Do You Have a Plan B?

We seem to have lost our way. We have no backup plan for when things go topsy-turvy and we can’t keep drifting aimlessly through life. We need a Plan A and a Plan B to keep us on track and to give meaning to our lives.

Diary of a New Year’s Junkie – Resolutions Are Awesome

It’s January 1st! I always love opening a new journal in a new year with a new plan, and a new pen. Most important to have everything shiny and new. Clear the mind of all of last year’s clutter, especially those unfulfilled dreams, and the too many sweet indulgences, leading to the unfulfilled weight loss plan of 2014. Oh well, operation clean slate starts right now.

The Importance of Rhythm

Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you don’t need rhythm! We all have the ability to add rhythm to our life, but for me it was never on the dance floor. Instead I have great rhythms and routines in my life that have brought me success. Goal setting requires checkins, updates and well frankly a routine.

How to Develop a Good Habit

Choosing to do the right thing again and again is hard. These 3 steps can help.

Priorities – A Help or a Hindrance?

Today marks the last day of a three-day weekend. Typically during the week or even with regular, two-day weekends I set my priorities of the day – always trying to list them the day before so that when my feet hit the ground in the morning I am already in Priority Accomplishment Gear. This list guides me so that the most essential tasks are completed, so that secondary tasks are at least in view and on the table, and so that distant plans and necessities are acknowledged as an upcoming responsibility or expectation.

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