Jim Rohn Personal Development – THE CURE TO LAZINESS

Don’t Be Damaged by Self Delusion

When setting goals for ourselves, we can easily be prey to self delusion. Why can this be so damaging, and how can we avoid it?

How To Live Life Consciously

Discover how to live more consciously and let go of unhelpful distractions. Learn simple tips to streamline your mind and feel more passionate about the life you live.

4 Reasons Small Steps Have Big Impact

When you’re feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, time-constrained, or any other flavor of stuck, oomph is in short supply. It’s almost impossible to find the energy to jump in and just go for it. Enter incremental baby steps. They don’t take a lot of oomph, and that makes them powerful.

Live a Life You Want

It is hard to make a change after investing so much time at something. Proper planning can make it easier to make a life changing step. It is better to die a beginner at something you love, than to live a master of something you hate. Live a life you want by making a proper plan today for what you want to do tomorrow.

Your Dream Is As Individual As You

Recognizing that is a key component of becoming you. All the seminars and self-help books in the world will eventually run out of advice for you.

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