Jim Rohn Personal Development – The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Being Something Great – Dreaming Ahead 2 of 365

These words that we have for one another should be in the most loving sense. To be great one must arise above others in various fashions. The great part is that you get to choose precisely what you want to be great in. Then from there it is about practice, practice and more practice until you have mastered your craft. The only question you have to answer is what are you going to go after once you have read this article.

Why Do You Have To Do What You Can Today?

A time lost can never be found again. So, why wait for tomorrow when you can do it today? A task that needs to be done yesterday or last week can frantically slave you because you put it off until tomorrow.

Why Reinvent Yourself?

Have you heard the saying, “winners never lose and losers never win?” Many folks believe that this describes a game or contest, and that it also describes the life of a human being. But, does the saying apply if you decide to get a new game or start a new life, in other words, to reinvent yourself?

Move From Dream to Actuality

Most of us have dreams for our lives, but sometimes it’s difficult to move from dream to actuality. This article provides steps to get you there.

Message From the Universe: There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel!

“Life is no sunshine or rainbows. It is mean and merciless. You, me or nobody else can hit harder than life. It is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and still move forward, how much hits you can take and keep moving forward. This is how WINNING is done” Rocky Balboa speech to his son in this last movie. Very inspirational and so true. Something to really consider and apply whenever you have the chance.

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