Jim Rohn Personal Development – The Secret To SELF CONTROL

Message From the Universe: Expecting the Unexpected!

Despite the hard work we put in to our career, there is a big chance we will reach success in a total different field from what we originally expected. You may have studied a degree in accounting but reached financial success in event planning. You may have practiced law but got very bored and went into teaching to underprivileged kids to fulfill your soul. We never really know where we will end up. The key is to stay open minded and whatever changes comes your way, learn to embrace them…

30 Day Challenges, They DO Work!

What is something you know would benefit you by committing to it for 30 days? Whether it be a change in physical activity, eating, business, your relationship or just about anything, make the commitment, stick with it and watch what happens. You’ll likely be amazed.

It’s Okay to Dream

It’s okay to have a dream. But when you dream, dream BIG! Male your dreams so big that only God could make them come to pass. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams.

Message From the Universe: Limitless Possibilities!

You can have whatever you ask for, as long as you take the time to clearly state what you want. It is up to you to focus on what you desire the most and make sure the message is sent to the Universe so it can execute it properly. If you allow conflicting thoughts to come in, you give the universe some doubts about what you deserve, which in return, will not allow all your dreams to manifest. The end result will be frustration, anxiety and the desire to give up. Why let that happen? I sure wouldn’t.

What If I Do and You Fill in the Blank

We all life a life of what if I do and… When we live that way we tend to go more negative than positive. It’s time to turn those negative fears of what if and I do… into positives. take a journey with me and read about one person’s thoughts and what it can do to you when you’re living a negative what if I do and…

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