Jim Rohn Personal Development – Time Is The Most Valuable Thing You Have

Are You Where You Want To Be?

Are you where you want to be in life? This is kind of a hard question to answer, isn’t it? People ask this question occasionally in life, though, so it is worth thinking about.

How to Focus On Building Your Business Each Day

In this article I want to share with you how I manage to keep focused so that every day I know that I am building my online business. There are plenty of distractions online but if you are really focused you won’t be bothered by getting distracted all day long!

Are You Swimming Upstream?

Do you ever feel life is hard? Are you going against the current and wondering why those efforts are a real challenge? Today I offer an alternative way to see results.

Where Are You In Your Riding Journey?

Winter for me is a time to recharge and re-boost for another competition season coming up. I normally take 2-4 weeks off, and this also allows the horse to have some well deserved time off and to just relax. It’s very easy to see your progress with your riding if you compete. If your scores improve and you keep going up the grades you are doing well. If the opposite is happening it may be time to re-think things.

Goal Setting Revisited – Are You Trying to PROVE Yourself or IMPROVE Yourself?

Be happy with the time you spend pursing your goals, regardless of the outcome. Learn the difference between PROVING yourself, and IMPROVING yourself.

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