Jim Rohn Personal Development – Winners Don’t Need Motivation, Winners Need Discipline

Message From the Universe: Focusing on More Important Things

Learn to focus on things that will make you feel accomplished. Stop running after material things or even love. More you run towards it, more it will run away from you. Just relax and keep on working on yourself to become a better person overall.

Why Self-Improvement Techniques Are Killing You

We all set goals. It’s a vital component of self-development and allows us to live a much more fulfilling life. It drives and motivates us. But if you had a goal of becoming a loving parent to your children, there simply cannot be an “end” to this goal. If you were a loving parent today but you fail to be one tomorrow; you are no longer a loving parent. Same goes for being a faithful husband, a supportive friend or a successful businessman. If you think about it, every single goal shares the same flaw. Read why self-improvement techniques may be doing more harm than good.

One Simple Equation That Will Help You Achieve Remarkable Results

Like many of you, I hold a planning retreat for my business at the beginning of each year. (I also do a smaller one at the beginning of each month, which is a practice that I strongly recommend.) My annual retreat was this past weekend, and in looking over what I accomplished last year, something that I already knew about myself was strongly reinforced: When I have a clear goal, set my mind to it, and combine these two things with a hard deadline, I get things done.

Hashtag Goals: 3 Simple Steps to Goal Attainment

Your larger than life goals can be attained. Do not give up on them. Break them into smaller bite sized pieces and move through them one at a time. I will explain how.

How to Stick to Your Goals When the Obstacles Seem Impossible

Overcoming the Impossible Almost everyone knows the value of setting goals. Setting them, writing them down, and then marching toward their completion is the best and surest way to make progress. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, as long as they’re important to you, and let’s face it, if they weren’t important to you, you wouldn’t have made them goals in the first place, right? Problems arise, however, when you feel as though you’re not making any progress. Sometimes it feels as though every force in the universe is acting against you, trying to keep you from achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. It can be discouraging. It can make you want to just throw you hands up in despair and give up. Before you do that though, take a step back. Take a deep breath and assess what’s really going on here. In almost every case, there’s something you could do just a bit differently that will turn the tide back in your favor and make you feel as though you’re making genuine progress again. Here are five simple tricks for doing just that, and overcoming seeming impossible odds:

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