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Hollywood, Oscars and Obstacles to Opportunities

Spending the latter part of my teen years growing up in southern California, more specifically in the Los Angeles area – you can imagine how natural it was for the Oscars to be a part of my life. Even before my family settled in the Los Angeles area I can remember watching the Oscars with my Great Grandma, my mom and other relative during visits to southern California. As a youngster it was exciting to see all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet.

Do You Have a Definite Chief Aim?

Having a definite chief aim or clear goal is essential for success. Success is measured in many ways, but it is difficult to achieve without clear purpose. A definite chief aim is the first step in reaching your full potential and achieving your goals and dreams.

Why You Won’t Always Achieve Your Goals And Why That Is A Good Thing

No-one can guarantee that if you follow all the steps for setting and achieving goals that you will always achieve them. To have people believe so would be dishonest. There are some goals that you want with all your heart that you may never achieve and this is a good thing. Discover the reasons why you may not always achieve your goals and why this can sometimes be a good thing.

Self Help: How To Set And Achieve Goals

What are the secrets to setting and achieving goals? Discover what to do, how to do it and the steps to take to set and achieve goals for yourself.

Nobody Is Hiring Me – Why?

Despite the many interviews you succeeded in getting, you do not get any job offer. How to find out what went wrong? Fight the attitude of defeat! Even disappointed, job seekers must remain proactive. Here’s how to get there.

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